How We Helped Bone Thugs n Harmony & Juicy J Generate 6.45x ROAS In 18 Days!

Most marketing agencies have time frames that they create and launch marketing campaigns in. This can be 30 Days or more in most cases. We’re not like most marketing agencies!

We created and launched a campaign in a span of 18 days to boost ticket sales for Bone Thugs n Harmony at The Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX. Talk about lightning fast results that they could take to the bank. We’ll explain our strategy that was quick thinking and nimble to gain maximum exposure and capture maximum revenue.

Wake up, it’s the first of the month…or in our case, it’s November 05 and we’re being called in to rapidly launch a marketing campaign to help boost ticket sales for a concert that headlined Bone Thugs n Harmony featuring Juicy J, Z-Ro and Lil Troy. We didn’t have a ton of time to sit around and listen to ‘Wanna Be A Baller’ and reminisce of our younger days at keg parties with flip phones. We had to act fast with strategies we knew would do well out of the gates!

Thank God the venue had a savvy marketing head who knew Facebook Ad strategies or else we would’ve been at a real crossroads (couldn’t help ourselves lol). He had already setup a Facebook Event for the concert that had around 12,000 +/- people confirming and not confirming to go. Regardless, we were able to build a solid lookalike audience off of that. It’s said that you need roughly 5,000 page engagements to have a solid enough pool of data points to have a great lookalike audience. So we had that covered and now the next part of the puzzle was creating a number of audiences that could support the video ads we were planning to run. Because you have to remember that while an interest or lookalike audience can yield maybe 2 million users, once you narrow that down to a DMA (designated marketing area), that 2 million user pool could drop to maybe 25,000 and you’ll see your CPM’s and CPA’s get high (no pun intended😆).

With all of this in mind, we created a 1:1 video ad for Instagram News Feed, a 1200 x 628 video ad for Facebook News Feed and a 1080 x 1920 video ad for Instagram Story ads. We also were lucky enough to grab a video from Juicy J to help promote the event (as seen above), which generated some nice brand recognition and revenue. We also created some cool videos for a carousel ad which did great. The best performing ad of the entire bunch though? It was our Bone Thugs Video ad we created and added below.

All in all, our efforts resulted in 6.45x ROAS and an extra $16,212.33 in online sales for the event.

We did not factor in the walk up ticket sales and offline data from the event. This was only one channel that was added in and it did pretty damn well for an 18 day heads up of a notice.

If you have an event or sale that you need some fast acting help on, please reach out to us for a strategy call as quickly as possible. We can create and launch strategies in a number of hours in some cases, but we always prefer to have time to work through it all.

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