ADWORDS ADDICTION: How I Generated $725,511.82 in 3.5 Months & Reduced A Company’s AdWords Dependency By Utilizing Facebook Ads.

This study was based on a travel company that was recently acquired for nearly $125M and it was about to be their busy season. The time of the year when, for 3-4 months, an influx of revenue comes in. But this year, something was different. This company had been dangerously on cruise control for quite some time. They were achieving good results but they were becoming complacent.

This year their AdWords costs went up from larger industry players encroaching on their previously untouched space. This also caused them to hemorrhage revenue from losing AdWords campaigns. They were used to always getting good results from AdWords where their customers went to search for travel ideas and information, but now they were being pushed out and in a dangerous position because of their unhealthy AdWords dependency.

The CEO voiced this unhealthy dependence a few times in our meetings so we knew it was a hot button issue that needed a serious strategy. They committed a deadly sin in marketing with relying too heavily on one channel to receive the majority of their traffic without taking the time to develop any other channels.

It’s not a business ending problem per se, but it’s definitely a scary situation to be in. Believe it or not, there’s a large number of corporations that rely too heavily on 1-2 channels of traffic as well. It can be difficult to develop a new channel without adding additional staff or processes to already overworked marketing departments. This is why it’s most often easier to contract the work out to a specialized firm like ours to come in with the sole focus of hypergrowth.

We added the Pixel, properly tested it, and made sure all Q/A was done to verify that it was correctly firing for the correct conversion events. We had a couple hiccups with this due to the clients website being custom built and their IT team located offshore, but we got it handled. Next, we needed to create an RSS catalog feed with all 20,000+ products. This also took a little time to iron out because most of their products were added over the course of 1-5 years. Employee turnover only exacerbated this since there weren’t standard operating procedures in place. This was crucial to get right in order to show dynamic ads. We could finally start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This is when they mentioned that they also had a Spanish version of their website! Back to square one, but we’ll spare you the details on that pro- cess. Needless to say, we got both website versions Pixele’d and the catalog feeds correctly sync’d up with their Facebook Catalog. We started running ads on April 04 and we were pumped to get them there as the account setup can sometimes take quite a bit of time.

The results immediately started to speak for themselves as more time passed.

After only 7 days, we had created the highest revenue generating campaign that their Facebook Ad account had ever had at $21,244.91! We also had one the highest ROAS and lowest CPA of any ad campaign - see 7 Day screenshot below.

We understand sometimes that the data can be a fluke, so we decided to allow a little more time to pass. So we again looked into the data after 16 days and the results were even better than the first week - see 16 Day Screenshot below!

The revenue generated after only 16 days was now at $55,689.60, with a $14.15 CPA and a 36.78x ROAS.

Needless to say the client was starting to get pretty excited as we’re not only developing a brand new channel for revenue, but we’re doing it at a jaw-dropping pace.

Now - there’s a bit of proprietary work that goes on behind the scenes to correctly get the audience targeting correct for what we’re trying to accomplish, but when done correctly, you can truly get some amazing results. We also dug a bit into this clients Google Analytics to better understand their demographic, average dwell time, most popular pages, pages with the highest bounce rates, highest converting products etc. After researching and analyzing all the data we were able to better pinpoint a customer persona of who we were trying to get our ads in front of and the message we were trying to convey.


As you can imagine, the results after 50 Days were still trucking along and beautiful to look at - see 50 day screenshot below.

You can see that a couple more strategic ads had been added since the last screenshot as we were beginning to really push hard on sales. Not all the campaigns were grand slams, but we were still able to achieve some fantastic ROAS on the other campaigns as well. It’s worth noting that the other campaigns were more focused on top of the funnel prospecting. Our ad that blew up was a retargeting ad that was masterfully assembled.

At the culmination of the contract, we were at a final number that was just as insane as all the previous results we had achieved for this client.

Total revenue generated over 114 days was $725,511.82 with a 23.70x ROAS from $30,617.62 in ad spend - see 114 Day Screenshot below.

This client was ecstatic and their team was able to take over the account from the massive head start we generated for them to wean them off of being so AdWords dependent.


Facebook Ads work for any business, truly, they do. This is a classic situation where employee sentiment towards Facebook Ads was negative and it came from the top down because they had not achieved this kind of success ever before. Sometimes it just takes the right partner to get you where you need to be. We took the time to understand the products, the customer and the needs. We dialed in on the correct audience with the correct message and products and we made beautiful magic. Don’t wait until the dam bursts to start patching holes. Start today and begin chipping away at what needs to be done.

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” -Warren Buffett

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